Common Core Markerboard Tables

Common Core Markerboard Table ™

Top Five Reasons a Whiteboard Table helps improve Common Core Standards classroom Achievement!

Teachers are working hard to meet the Common Core Standards for Math and Literacy but what tools are out there to help you meet those needs in the classroom. Well a little known fact is that a Whiteboard or Dry Erase Table top surface can help improve achievement in the classroom.

The MarkerBoard™ table from Allied Plastics is designed specifically for meeting the needs of the common core curriculum state standards.

So how does the MarkerBoard™ table help with common core lesson plans?

Collaboration – The MarkerBoard™ series of tables are available in four different shapes and 20 different sizes including rectangle, circle, kidney, and sqaure. The variety of shapes and sizes allows students to work as individuals, groups and teams to improve concept development.

Translation – The MarkerBoard™ table surface allows students to use dry erase markers and erasers to translate their answers. Students quickly show different ways to problem solve, meeting a common core best practice for teaching concept development.

Classifying – These dry erase surface tables allow students to have the area needed to classify their work in an open area that can be easily viewed by peers and teachers in the classroom. Classifying allows both fellow students and educators to challenge the definitions and concepts displayed, thereby opening communication as to how the answer was arrived upon.

Explore – The Markerboard™ table allows students to express and explore the answer; they can, with the wipe of an eraser, modify the problem and discover what happens when changes occur. This exploration of the answer allows students to gain positive feedback and allows teachers to improve common core standards lesson plans.

Functional – These sturdy Made in the USA tables are not only a common core resource for teachers they are a solid built table designed for years of classroom use. The Markerboard™ table from Allied Plastics can be used as more than just a dry erase surface for lesson plans; it can be incorporated into Art activities, draw maps and concepts for social studies and much more.

All of these reasons and much more make the Allied Plastics Company Markerboard™ table more than just a table.

It is a table designed for today’s classroom with a deep understanding of the common core resources necessary to educate and meet the common core standards.  Markerboard™ tables from Allied Plastics


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