We offer a huge selection of Trapezoid Tables and Classroom Activity Tables. We also offer activity tables in other shapes: RectangleRoundSquareKidneyCloverDaisyFlowerHexagonHalf RoundHalf-MoonHorseshoeKidneyOctagonPieShamrock, and Trapezoid. Activity tables are perfect for any classroom and they are available in many different colors and sizes to be sure to fit your classrooms needs. We also offer Markerboard Activity Tables and we have a complete selection of Preschool and Early Childhood Tables. Our School Activity Tables are from top quality United States manufacturers including Allied PlasticsArtco BellScholar CraftCorrell IncJonti Craft, USA Capitol, Mahar ManufacturingTot MateWood Designs and Smith System. Be sure to see our Activity Tables Buying Guide.

Today's Classroom has a wide variety of classroom tables for all of your needs. Children or adults, school or office, library or daycare, activity tables or folding tables, we have them all! Our tables are ideal for studying, testing, arts and crafts and much more and they will last for many years of use. Our site is user-friendly but if you do have any questions feel free to call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 877-909-9910.