Help students reach with iRise steps. When young learners are eager to step up to take their turn at the interactive whiteboard, it’s important to play it safe, with steps expressly designed to provide secure and sturdy access as well as ergonomic support. Comes standard with carpeted top for traction and to reduce noise. Included handrail for easy access and safety. Available in two heights and three widths.

In today's classroom, technology is helping shape the way students engage with learning...their way. Jonti-Craft - an industry leader in early childhood furniture - knows how important it is to give ALL learners access to powerful tools and resources. That's why we have developed the new iRise steps. Now, children can easily use interactive whiteboard applications and participate fully in classroom activities, with the robust safety features associated with the Jonti-Craft brand.

When young learners are eager to take their turn at the whiteboard, it’s important to play it safe…with the steps expressly designed to provide secure, sturdy access. Homemade solutions may seem like a good idea but the smart approach is to use a product specifically designed to make it safe and easy for students to step up to the whiteboard, do their work, and then step back down safely and securely.

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