Choosing the right cafeteria table for a school or business can be a daunting task and we are here to help you make the right choice. There are many different sizes of cafeteria tables, shapes of cafeteria tables, cafeteria seating options and more to take into consideration. Some of those include: the size of the cafeteria, the shape of cafeteria table, the seating of the cafeteria table and more. Here are some things to look at before ordering your cafeteria table. If you have any questions about school or classroom furniture or would like help planning your cafeteria layout please give us a call at 1-877-909-9910.


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Cafeteria Table Types

Cafeteria tables can range in shape, size and functionality including, mobile stool cafeteria tablesmobile bench cafeteria tables, mobile shape tables without attached seating, booth tables, wall mounted cafeteria tablesfloor mounted cafeteria tablesconvertible bench tables, and wheelchair accessible tables.

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Cafeteria Table Length and Height

When choosing cafeteria tables, consider the size of the cafeteria, its shape, and the number of students you will need to accommodate at one time. By taking into account these factors, you can choose cafeteria tables that provide an optimal dining experience for all.

Traditional rectangular cafeteria tables usually come in three lengths: 8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet.

The size and design of your cafeteria determine which option is best. Smaller cafeterias may prefer 8-foot tables, while larger spaces might need 10 or 12-foot tables. Seat heights for students usually range from 15 to 17 inches, and table heights are typically 25 or 27 inches. These dimensions make sure that students are comfortable while dining. The right seat height depends on the age and height of the students. Younger or shorter students may prefer a 15-inch seat height, while older students or adults may find a 17-inch seat height more comfortable.

Cafeteria Table Shapes

The two post popular table shapes are rectangular cafeteria tables and round cafeteria tables. When choosing a table shape that best aligns with your cafeteria and lunchroom vision, consider the size and shape of the cafeteria itself and how you want your students to interact. 

Rectangular tables are the classic choice as they are efficient in maximizing space, fitting neatly along walls or rows, and providing a sense of order. With the flexibility to easily rearrange the tables, you can create diverse seating arrangements to accommodate different group sizes or specific events. Round and elliptical shape tables encourage social interaction. They create a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere, allowing for easy conversation and sharing of ideas. The absence of sharp corners allows for seamless movement and interaction, promoting a spirit of collaboration and teamwork. To enhance your school environment further, many educational institutions choose a combination of round and rectangular tables. This blend of table shapes provides the ultimate versatility. The inclusion of different shape tables offers a range of seating options, allowing you to create different user arrangements to suit various activities, events, or teaching methodologies. By incorporating both shapes, you can cater to the needs of different group dynamics and promote different types of interactions in the cafeteria.

Cafeteria Table Seating

All of our cafeteria tables are easy to manage, store, and maintain allowing you to reconfigure your cafeteria quickly into a multi-purpose space. We offer two great options with built-in seatingstool seating cafeteria tables and bench cafeteria tables. Both options provide numerous advantages while catering to your unique preferences. For those who prefer the flexibility of chairs with the added benefit of back support, our cafeteria tables without attached seating are an ideal choice. With this option, you have the freedom to select chairs that align with your specific needs. The ability to use these chairs for other purposes and events means they can be easily repurposed across your campus or facility. Cleaning under the tables becomes a breeze, as the chairs can be quickly moved by your custodian, ensuring a spotless environment. For those who are looking for space-saving options, our mobile folding tables are equipped with easy spring assist and torsion bars so no heavy lifting is required. This makes transporting and storing tables simple, enabling you to optimize your space and adapt to changing needs effortlessly.

Whether you choose our stool seating cafeteria tables, bench cafeteria tables, or opt for chairs with standalone tables, you'll enjoy the benefits of easy maintenance, efficient storage, and the ability to transform your cafeteria into a multi-purpose space. Discover the perfect match for your cafeteria today and elevate the potential of your space with Today's Classroom.