Browse our large selection of cafeteria tables and cafeteria seating to find the right lunch table for your school or business cafeteria. We carry different sizes, shapes, and styles so that you can find a cafeteria table layout and setup that will work well for your space. 

School cafeterias can be the most important area in a school, as that is where everyone hangs out and the same with even a daycare or business. This is where people come for a break, enjoy their lunch, socialize and interact with other people. A cafeteria is generally a very busy environment making it essential to have durable cafeteria tables in your school or business while making sure that you will have enough space for everyone, and that they will last for years of everyday use, whether it is children or adults.

The different types of tables that we carry are School Cafeteria Tables, Cafeteria Tables, Mobile Cafeteria Tables (on wheels), Folding Cafeteria Tables and School Lunchroom Tables from the top school cafeteria manufacturers including AmTab, National Public SeatingKI, Mitchell


Choosing Cafeteria Tables & Seating For Your School or Business Cafeteria 

When you need tables and seating for your school cafeteria at unbeatable prices, look no further than what we have to offer here at Today’s Classroom. Not only do we have the best prices, we will also help you find the right furniture for your specific situation, if you're not sure what you need give us a call and we can help 1-877-909-9910 

All of the cafeteria tables and cafeteria seating are easy to manage, store and maintain allowing you to reconfigure your cafeteria quickly from an eating area to a classroom, meeting space or auditorium. 

It is also important to take into consideration your custodians who will have to clean on and around these large pieces of furniture. Mobile cafeteria tables have casters on them so that they can be easily moved around. We also offer tables that slightly fold in the center for easier cleaning.

If your school cafeteria is used as a multi-functional room for many events, you may not always have a use for the cafeteria tables, which is why most tables fold in half so they can easily be stored away. Folding is made easy by spring assist and torsion bars and no heavy lifting is required.

Depending on your student size or room size, there are many different options to choose from for your school cafeteria setting. The most traditional mobile cafeteria tables come in lengths of 8-feet, 10-feet or 12-feet and optional heights for elementary ages or middle to high school aged students. There are many different options to meet your needs. We offer school cafeteria tables with seating such as benches tables, tables with stools, and cafeteria tables with chairs with back support; and shapes such as rectangle, octagonal, elliptical, and round.

You will find all of your school cafeteria furniture needs here, whether you need stool tables, bench tables, café tables or convertible bench tables; whether you need to seat 6 people or 600 people; whether you are seating adults or children. Choose from a list of our leading manufacturers including Midwest Folding Products Cafeteria tables, KI Cafeteria tables, Mitchell Furniture Cafeteria tables, Barricks, Allied, and Correll.

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