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Need your items Quick? This selection of Classroom furniture is in stock and ready to ship when you need to furnish your classroom fast. Today’s Classroom offers furniture quickly for any setting such as Art Rooms, Cafeterias, Classrooms Science furniture and Music rooms. We carry school furniture from leading manufactures such as Scholar CraftArtco BellMidwestCorellJonti CraftAlliedDiversified, and Tot Mate.

Call us at 877-909-9910 for more information about our Quick Ship program, or to discuss your time sensitive order. Order online at for a fast, easy and secure transaction. Our friendly sales team will be happy to assist you with your time-sensitive order.

Quick Ship Soft Seating

qs-activity.jpg qs-audio.jpg qs-caddy.jpg cafeteria tables
Quick Ship Activity Tables Quick Ship Audio Visual Quick Ship Caddies Quick Ship Cafeteria Tables
qs-chair.jpg qs-choral.jpg  qs-class.jpg  cocktail.jpg
Quick Ship Chairs Quick Ship Choral Risers Quick Ship Classroom Furniture Quick Ship Cocktail Tables 
 qs-desks.jpg qs-drafting.jpg  qs-early.jpg  quick-ship-nps-flip-top-table.jpg
Quick Ship Desks   Quick Ship Drafting Tables
Quick Ship Early Childhood Furniture
Quick Ship Flip Top Tables
 630nlw-39099.1506019705-1-79937.1512156578.jpg 2596-93885.1520524848.jpg  qs-science.jpg  
Quick Ship Folding Table
Quick Ship Gratnell Trays Quick Ship Science Furniture 
Quick Ship Stages
 qs-stools.jpg  qs-storage.jpg  qs-carrel.jpg  train.jpg
Quick Ship Stools
Quick Ship Storage
Quick Ship Study Carrels Quick Ship Training Tables




Quick Ship Workbenches