Stool Tables are an ideal choice for cafeteria layouts, especially in school lunchrooms, due to their practical and space-saving design. Stool tables are easy to manage, store, and maintain, allowing you to reconfigure your cafeteria lunchroom quickly. The built-in seating that accompanies stool tables provides a seamless and efficient use of space preventing the need of additional chairs that can clutter the cafeteria area. The mobile stool tables promote a collaborative environment, allowing students to easily group together for discussions and group projects during lunchtime. If you have any questions about school or classroom furniture or would like help planning your cafeteria layout please give us a call at 1-877-909-9910.


Stool Tables from leading manufacturers including:

AmTabColumbia School FurnitureKINational Public Seating, and Mitchell Furniture.


Stool Tables that Offer Clever Built-In Seating and a Space-Saving Solution

The built-in seating that accompanies stool tables provides a seamless and efficient use of space, preventing the need for additional chairs that can clutter the cafeteria area. This design encourages a more organized and open layout, allowing for easier movement and cleaning. The built-in seating also promotes a sense of community and inclusivity, as it naturally brings students together in a collaborative dining environment. The compact design of these tables allows you to save precious floor space in the lunchroom, providing more room for students to move around and minimizing congestion during lunch periods. Overall, stool tables with built-in seating are a practical and beneficial choice for school lunchrooms, enhancing both the functionality and social dynamics of the space.

Stool Style Cafeteria Seating VS Bench Style Cafeteria Seating

While both styles embody a spacious yet space-saving design, they each have their own unique qualities. Mobile Stool Tables allow students to have more personal space when seated versus Bench Cafeteria Tables. Bench Style Cafeteria Tables allow for more students to sit per table as compared to Stool Style Tables. Both styles contribute to creating a functional and inviting dining environment, catering to different preferences and needs within the school community.

Customizing Stool Tables for your New Cafeteria or Lunchroom Setting

Embrace your new cafeteria by designing your tables exactly the way you want them! With a variety of top color options, custom wheel colors, the option of adding your schools logo, and more! See more of the Cafeteria Tables collection here.