Science Lab Tables and Workstations Buying Guide

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Use this guide to help you choose the best Science Tables and Workstations for your classroom. 



Before making a decision, there are a few things you will want to understand:
In order for your classroom demonstrations and experiments to go as planned, you will want to make sure you have the best science lab tables and workstations. Consider the following options before purchasing your next science lab equipment:

laminate top science table

Science Table Top Material

There are four common top materials for science tables and workstations:

  • High-Pressure Laminate is best used for younger children or where chemicals will not be used because this material is not chemical-resistant. High-Pressure Laminate is widely used for student science tables. It offers an excellent work surface for science tables and wears exceptionally well under normal use. Plastic laminate has superior resistance to scratching, with limited resistance to high temperatures and severe chemicals. Top construction consists of permanently bonding a sheet of High Pressure Laminate to an industrial grade particle board core.  The bottom is covered with a thick phenolic backer sheet to properly balance the resulting panel, maximizing it’s resistance to warping.

  • Chemguard: This material could be used with chemical or heat experiments. Science workstations with ChemGuard™ tops incorporate the decorative features of high pressure laminate into a durable, chemical resistant surfacing material. Tests prove ChemGuard™ has outstanding chemical resistance, plus significantly better NEMA wear value than competitive laminates and ChemGuard™ even has a Class 1 fire rating.

  • Phenolic Resin: This material could also be used for science tables or workstations where chemical or heat experiments will be conducted. This material is a composite, thermo-fused under heat and pressure to form a solid black chemical resistant composite throughout the entire thickness of the top. It is designed for use as counter tops, pegboards and reagent racks. Phenolic Resin will not stain or etch when exposed to most chemicals or solvents. Phenolic Resin exhibits no effect when subjected to these common laboratory chemicals: Nitric Acid 30%, Acetic Acid 98%, Hydrofluoric Acid 48%, Sulfuric Acid 33%, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Phosphoric Acid 85% and others.

  • Epoxy Resin:  This material could also be used for science tables and workstations in conjunction with chemical or heat experiments as it is impervious to normal laboratory chemicals and heat. It’s monolithic composition eliminates the possibility of swelling, delamination, and exposure of the substrate. It’s soft, low glare surface is simple to clean. Solid Epoxy Resin exhibits no effect when subjected to these common laboratory chemicals: Nitric Acid 70%, Acetic Acid (glacial), Hydrochloric Acid 20%, Sulfuric Acid 60%, Methyl Alcohol, Toluene, Benzene, and others.Solid Epoxy Resin is solid, homogeneous, molded from modified epoxy resins, completely oven cured during processing. It is extremely durable and completely impervious to moisture.

octagon science workstation w/pedestal base

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Science Workstation Frame Material


Your science tables and workstations made with a steel frame will definitely stand up to heavy use in your science lab. 

Solid Wood

The most common wood frames are made of Oak or Maple making this option also very durable for your science workstations. This style will also add a more classic look to your environment and is ADA compliant.

Types of Science Tables and Workstations

Table or Workstations

The first thing you’ll want to determine when choosing between a table or workstation is how much space each student will need. Will they be conducting experiments or just taking notes during class?  After determining this, you will know about how many tables or workstations you need. Some of our workstations hold up to 8 students. Our workstations also come in many different shapes to help with the configuration of your classroom.


If your room is not already equipped with a sink or gas fixture, you may want to buy a workstation that includes these features. Most sinks should hold up to wear and tear just as long as your workstation itself because most sinks are made of Epoxy Resin.


table with drawer storageStorage

A great option for storing your science lab equipment would be a workstation with storage cabinets and/or drawers. All of our cabinets come with locks to ensure security for your valuable science equipment. Science Tables with compartments also have added areas for storage of books and supplies.


Mobile Workstations

These workstations are perfect for experiments on the go or for teachers who are not stationed to one specific classroom. These stations are also equipped with locking casters for security while experiments are being conducted.


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Special Features of Science Tables and Workstations 

mobile table with storage and demo mirrorDemonstration Mirrors:

The purpose of these mirrors is to allow all students in the classroom to have visibility of their instructor’s demonstration. Demonstration mirrors easily attach to mounted crossbars, which are connected to workstations.

Adjustable Height Tables:

Adjustable height science tables are a good idea for any science room because they are ADA compliant and are easily adjusted either by power-lift or cranks. This way any student can experience ease in the science lab.

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If you need help determining the right classroom Science Tables and Workstations for your individual situation, please give us a call today.








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