School and Classroom Chair Buying Guide


stack chairs

Use this guide to help you choose the best stacking chair for your environment.  We have many styles to choose from!



There are many choices to make when selecting stacking chairs that you should consider before making a selection:  

  • Seat Material
  • Configuration
  • Upholstery
  • Base Style
  • Color

Stacking Chair Seat Material

There are many seat materials to choose from when searching for a stacking chair. Whether it’s a specific type of plastic or an upholstered material.



Stacking Chairs with Fabric Upholstery 

For more formal settings, fabric upholstered stacking chairs  are the most common seat and back material.  Because this material does not cause sweating and is soft, it is preferred by most people.


Stacking Chairs with Vinyl Upholstery

Depending on where you will be using your stack chairs, vinyl upholstery may work best for you because of its easy-to-clean material.  Perfect for use in an environment with young children or in an area where food will be eaten, vinyl upholstered stacking chairs are also usually less expensive than those with a fabric material. 


Vinyl Upholstered Stack Chairs

plastic seat stack chair

Plastic Stacking Chairs

If your stacking chairs will be used in a multi-purpose room and will be moved often, you may want to purchase a plastic seat stacking chair because of its durability and lightweight material. These may also be less expensive than upholstered chairs.  See our complete line of plastic stacking chairs





Plastic Stack Chair




Base Style

The majority of stacking chairs have a four-leg base, cantilever base or sled base style.
Since there are no legs with swivel glides, sled base and cantilever base chairs would be the best choice for carpeted floors.   For a more traditional chair, you will want a 
four-legged chair.


Stacking Chair Colors

Stacking chairs are available from Today's Classroom in a wide variety of colors and
in most of the styles listed above.  Get a complete look at all of the stacking chair colors.

Plastic Stack Chairs

 View our complete line of stacking chairs


If you need help determining which style of stacking chair is the best choice for you, please give us a call today.   





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