Folding and Banquet Tables Buying Guide


Folding Tables Buying Guide



Since there are so many different types of folding tables, it can get overwhelming when trying to choose the right one. Use this guide to help you choose the best folding table for your needs.

  • Top Material
  • Frame
  • Height
  • Folding Table Dolly

16233-36587-1411017513-1280-1280.jpgTop Material

Depending on the setting or who will be using the folding tables, you will want to choose the right top material. The most common top materials for folding tables are plastic, particleboard or plywood.


Most plastic folding tables are lightweight because they are not solid plastic all the way through; they are hollow, also known as blow-molded. This material is typically less expensive than the other materials. These tables are also weather-resistant.


Most particleboard tops have a laminate finish which is easy-to-clean and gives you many more color options. Particleboard is made of bonded pieces of all different wood. This option would be best used for light activity and is usually very affordable.


These tables are made of solid plywood and usually have a laminate finish. This material is most expensive of the three because it is the strongest and most durable for heavy use.


All folding tables are made with a steel frame. You may find a cheaper folding table at a department store but that is most likely because the frame is not as strong as what you will find here and can’t withstand heavy use. The lower the gauge, the stronger the frame.



These tables normally have a fixed height of 29” and will not adjust. These can sometimes be less expensive than adjustable height tables.


These tables usually adjust in 1” increments anywhere from 21” to 32”. This option will help accommodate any size or aged student.

Folding Table Dolly

A folding table dolly makes transporting and storing folding tables so easy; this is why they are used by most school janitors. Before ordering, make sure your dolly is compatible with your folding tables.


Delivery Options

Dock to Dock:

The driver will unload onto your loading dock or your staff to unload from the end of the truck. 

Lift Gate:

To get the products to ground level and your staff would bring inside.

Lift gate and Inside:

Door must be a minimum of 52” wide.

This is for Ground Floor Door Delivery – NO steps.