Fire Resistant Room Divider - Screenflex

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Fire Resistant Room Divider - Screenflex

Portable welding screens from Screenflex provide the perfect solution for creating safe welding and grinding environment anywhere in your facility.  All-steel framing plus Sandel Fire Barrier fabric means these Class A fire-rated dividers will stand up to sparks from welding and grinding.  This welding shield is freestanding, with no overhead rails or frames required. The panels on a Screenflex welding screen are hinged together from top to bottom, which eliminates any gaps and reduces the potential for flash burns and the glare of dangerous UV light.  Required by OSHA, welding screens offer protection to other workers when welding is performed in their vicinity. Hence, using a welding curtain is an essential step in creating a safe welding environment for yourself or your coworkers.

Uses only Sandel Fire Barrier Fabric 

Benefits and Highlights

  • Sandel Fire Barrier Fabric Used on All Welding Screen Panels
  • ASTM-E84 CLASS 1 (UL 723, UBC 8-1, NFPA 255) Fire Rating
  • Product Ships Fully Assembled
  • NRC .55 for Maximum Sound Absorbency
  • Full-Length Hinge Eliminates Gaps and Reduces the Potential for Flash Burns and the Glare of Dangerous UV Light
  • Screenflex Fire Resistant Screens are More Economical and Easier to Use than Similar Products
  • Locks in Place with Position Control Hinges and Locking End Casters
  • A Full-Length Hinge Secures All Screenflex Welding Screens Together from Top to Bottom.  
  • Set Up Straight or with Turns Between Panels
  • Warranty: 3 Year

Dimensions and Specifications

  • FSL603-WX - 5'9"L x 6'H 86 lbs.
  • FSL605-WX - 9'5"L x 6'H 107 lbs.
  • FLS607-WX - 13'1"L x 6'H 128 lbs.
  • FLS609-WX - 16'9"L x 6'H 149 lbs.
  • FSL6011-WX - 20'5"L x 6'H 170 lbs.
  • FSL6013-WX - 24'1"L x 6'H 191 lbs.
  • FSL683-WX - 5'9"L x 6'8"H 90 lbs.
  • FSL685-WX - 9'5"L x 6'8"H 111 lbs.
  • FSL687-WX - 13'1"L x 6'8"H 132 lbs.
  • FSL689-WX - 16'9"L x 6'8"H 153 lbs.
  • FSL6811-WX - 20'5"L x 6'8"H 174 lbs.
  • FSL6813-WX - 24'1"L x 6'8"H 195 lbs.
  • FSL743-WX - 5'9"L x 7'4"H 99 lbs.
  • FSL745-WX - 9'5"L x 7'4"H 121 lbs.
  • FSL747-WX - 13'1"L x 7'4"H 143 lbs.
  • FSL749-WX - 16'9"L x 7'4"H 165 lbs.
  • FSL7411-WX - 20'5"L x 7'4"H 187 lbs.
  • FSL7413-WX - 24'1"L x 7'4"H 209 lbs.


Delivery Options

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Lift gate and Inside:

Door must be a minimum of 52” wide.

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