Classroom Interactive Whiteboards Buying Guide


Interactive Whiteboards Buying Guide



Please consider the following before purchasing an interactive whiteboard for your classroom or office:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Computer Compatibility
  • Accessories


Digital Pen Boards 

These boards are equipped with digital pens, similar to a mouse, which allows for writing, drawing and having control over the whiteboard. This is a good choice for anywhere that presentations will be held.


Touch Boards

Since touch boards give a little more flexibility than other interactive boards, they are also a little more expensive. These boards also come with a pen but your finger can be used for simple actions such as scrolling up or down and zooming in or out.

Interactive Capture Systems

If you already have a whiteboard and want the features of an interactive board, you can purchase an interactive capture systems. This system mounts to your existing whiteboard and gives you the features of an interactive whiteboard but costs a lot less. Another benefit of this is that it is portable so it can easily be moved from room to room and all the necessary hardware is included.


The size of the interactive whiteboard you purchase is dependent on the amount of room available. If you are not sure if the board you want will fit in the room you’re putting it in, please measure the room before purchasing. Interactive whiteboards are measured diagonally.

Computer Compatibility

You will need to be sure that your computer is compatible with the interactive board you want; this is required for use. Look over the system requirements of the interactive board to be sure, but most of our boards are compatible with PCs and Macs.


Interactive whiteboards do not require any accessories but there are several to choose from. If your whiteboard will not be stationary you will want to purchase a mobile stand to move it from room to room.

To gain more freedom throughout your presentations, purchase a wireless adapter. Some other accessories include carrying cases for your capture system, replacement pens and mounting brackets. Another new accessory for interactive board are the iRise step system to allow for young children to reach the board with ease.










Delivery Options

Dock to Dock:

The driver will unload onto your loading dock or your staff to unload from the end of the truck. 

Lift Gate:

To get the products to ground level and your staff would bring inside.

Lift gate and Inside:

Door must be a minimum of 52” wide.

This is for Ground Floor Door Delivery – NO steps.