Classroom Desks Buying Guide

da0d-llc-blk-bok-hero.pngClassroom Desks Buying Guide

Today’s Classroom offers so many different types and styles of classroom desks, so be sure to follow this guide to help you choose the best desks for your classroom.

  • Type
  • Material
  • Seat Height
  • Desk Height
  • Desktop Size
  • Color


9500-74635-1411014587-1280-1280.jpgOpen Front

All of our open front desks have a rectangular top with the attached open book box underneath for books, binders, notebooks and other school supplies. If you are purchasing for younger children, this may be your best option since they won’t be able to slam the lid and they will have easy access to all of their school supplies.

Lift Lid

This style has a lid attached with hinges which keeps all school supplies out of sight. Lift lid desks may cause more work because any materials on top of the desk will have to be moved every time the lid needs opened.

Tablet Arm Desks 817-legacy-series-x-brace-tablet-arm-chair-68534-1411008012-1280-1280.jpg

These desks have a desktop attached to an arm rather than the frame of the seat. Some desks are available with the tablet arm on the left or right hand side. These are a better choice for older students because they have an access point making it easier to get in and out of the desk.

Combination Desk

Also known as a combo desk, these desks have a chair attached to a desktop. Usually the chairs will have two legs and the desktop will have two legs. Combination desks feature the desktop in the front which accommodates right and left handed students.

Multi-student Desks

These desks are designed for two students; sometimes more depending on the size of the students and the size of the desktop. Two-student desks can come with or without open book boxes for each student.

53760fe7ec380-04-32559-1411024670-1280-1280.jpgCollaborative Desks

These desks come any many different shapes which fit together to make one large group/collaboration desk. When the group discussion or activity is over, just take away the desks and they become individual desks again.



The most common classroom desks are made of either solid plastic or particleboard covered with a laminate or melamine finish. Solid plastic is the more durable choice, however, the particleboard is less expensive and will also give you many years of use.

Book Box

Combination desks will have a book rack underneath the seat of the chair usually made of steel rods. It can either come as a flat book rack or a boxed book rack. Desks without chairs, will have a book box underneath the desktop and is typically made of metal or sometimes plastic.


Unless your desk is made from all wood, desk frames are usually made out of a tubular steel. The lower the gauge of steel, the more durable the frame.

Seat (if a combination desk)2908-77417-1411014417-1280-1280.jpg

The chairs attached to a combination desk are available in solid plastic or soft plastic. A solid plastic chair is stronger but will be more likely to crack and a soft plastic chair is less expensive and can sometimes be more comfortable but not as strong as a solid plastic.

Seat Height

If you plan on purchasing a combination desk, you will want to be sure that you buy the right size so that your students have enough room with their feet flat on the ground and their legs are bent at a 90° angle. Seat heights on combination desks can be anywhere from 11.5” to 18.5”. If you are ordering chairs to fit a specific desk, make sure that seat height you choose leaves at least 10” between the seat and the bottom of the desktop.

701-lift-lid-desk-99651-1411000712-1280-1280.jpgDesk Height

Today’s Classroom offers desks with adjustable or fixed heights. If you need a specific height, you may want to buy a fixed height. If you are buying for multiple students of all different sizes, you may want to buy an adjustable height desk to accommodate everyone.

Desktop Size

Make sure that desk you choose has a large enough work surface for your students. Take all things into consideration, for example, if your students will be using laptops on the desks you will want them to have enough room for the size of the laptop along with arm room.



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