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LifeSpan Announces Unity Bike Desk

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LifeSpan, the active lifestyle brand that popularized physical activity in the workplace, has announced the Unity, a new bike desk designed to enhance health and productivity by adding light exercise to common home office activities. The company believes the Unity will holistically improve wellness while avoiding the common pitfalls of traditional exercise prescriptions.

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“We all want to be more active, but the biggest barrier to improving our health is a lack of time,” said LifeSpan President Peter Schenk. “The Unity alleviates that concern by adding light exercise to activities we’re already engaged in. It’s the perfect complement to studying, screen time or working from home.”

Per the President’s Council on Fitness, family-wide need for exercise is pronounced. Only 33 percent of children are physically active each day, while fewer than 5 percent of adults achieve the suggested 30 minutes of daily activity. Office-working adults are inactive for an average of 10 hours per day.

“Modest movement, such as pedaling on the Unity, is exceptionally beneficial to both health and cognition,” said Schenk. “It’s a terrific way to dedicate yourself to the task at hand, and your fitness.”

Researchers share LifeSpan’s viewpoint. Recent findings published in Frontiers in Psychology found that pedaling while working or studying elevates mood, motivation and task-specific productivity.

“We hurt ourselves by working in conditions that encourage sedentary activity,” said June Pilcher, Clemson University professor and lead researcher on the study. “Incorporating physical activity in a practical way…may actually improve physical and mental health without detracting from our ability to work or study effectively.”

Despite LifeSpan’s long history of inspiring activity in professional settings, fresh ingenuity was required to design a product to support children and adult users in home, school and personal-office environments.

“We dedicated ourselves to creating a sophisticated aesthetic, a modest footprint and smooth, distraction-free pedaling,” Schenk explains. “And to ensure zero upkeep costs and allow the product to be used anywhere, the Unity operates without electricity or batteries.”

The bike desk also has numerous practical features, including integrated transport wheels and storage hooks, and an oversized, height-adjustable seat capable of supporting users of different dimensions. The Unity’s pedals are set forward from the user, reducing knee flexion during pedaling, while promoting comfortable, focused working conditions.

“We were happy to pack so much value into the Unity,” said Schenk, “It’s the most affordable activity desk we’ve ever produced. We can’t wait for families to experience the positive impact it will have on their wellbeing. It’s as simple as riding a bike.”

Author: Adam Ritchie

Click here to check out the Unity Desk!

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