Vinyl Type F Modular Combo-Rite Board - MooreCo 400-7C-PM-V

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Vinyl Type F Modular Combo-Rite Board - MooreCo 400-7C-PM-V

Two is better than one. Choose the configuration that gives you the best function for your space. Combine porcelain steel markerboard and vinyl tackboard into one durable and versatile unit. Ideal for any classroom or collaborative training environment. The modular Combo-Rite Board surfaces can be changed or replaced when worn or damaged, saving time and money. Anodized aluminum trim features easy-to-use H-channels to join panels together, also enabling easy disassembly for panel replacement. Writing surfaces include a full-length map rail and accessory tray with Dura-Safe rubber end caps. 

Vin-Tak: Our most economical and best value surface, Vin-Tak features vinyl adhered to 7/16" lightweight and tackable substrate material.

Vinyl Add-Cork: Step up to our select Add-Cork surface, which features vinyl adhered to a 1/8" thick cork layer bonded to 3/8" thick durable substrate material.

Vinyl Cork-Plate: Premium Cork-Plate surface is our top of the line option, featuring vinyl adhered to a full 1/4" thick cork layer bonded to 1/4" thick rigid and moisture-resistant substrate material.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Combination of Porcelain steel markerboard and vinyl tackboard
  • One durable and versatile unit
  • Changeable and replaceable surfaces
  • Easy to use H channels to join panels together
  • Easy disassembly for panel replacement
  • Full length map rail  
  • Accessory tray with rubber end caps
  • Anodized aluminum trim

Dimensions and Specifications

  • 408-7C-PM-V: 8'W x 5'H, 136 lbs.
  • 410-7C-PM-V: 10'W x 5'H, 170 lbs.
  • 412-7C-PM-V: 12'W x 5'H, 217 lbs.
  • 416-7C-PM-V: 16'W x 5'H, 272 lbs.


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