Specialty seating is very versatile and fits well in classrooms, offices, other facilities and even for individual use at home. Today's Classroom offers specialty seating from leading manufactures Tenjam and SafcoThis type of modern seating can be used to enhance any setting. 

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Ball Chairs Foam Seating Firm Seating Soft Seating

Buy your Classroom Specialty Seating Today

Today's Classroom offers versatile specialty seating from Tenjam and Safco. We carry ball chairsfoam seatingfirm seatingand LED Seating. The types of seating include foam benches, foam chairs, geometric seating, and foam sofas. 

This foam furniture is available in multiple shapes which can be used in multiple settings. Today's Classroom offers specialty seating at low prices to help meet your budget, and offers quality products that will last through every day use. 

Please call us at 877-909-9910 and we will be happy to help you find what uniquely suites your needs if you are unable to find the items you are looking for on our store. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you.