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Kidsfit 656 Junior Semi Recumbent Bike

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Kidsfit 656 Junior Semi Recumbent Bike


Kidsfit 656 Junior Semi Recumbent Bike

Cardio Kids Semi-recumbent Bike The next size up from our Elementary Bike this unit is best suited for children from ages 9 to young adult. Built for commercial high use applications it can handle children of any weight!

656 Specifications and Dimensions

Item No: 656

Item Name: Recumbent Bike

Dimensions: 24"W x 42"D x 54"H

Weight: 130 lbs


10 Year Warranty

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Find all of your childcare needs from Kidsfit products, one of our most trusted manufacturers. Our inventory includes exergaming, climbing, pediatric physical therapy, obstacle course, action based leasrning, home and activity play, kinesthetic classroo, and so much more. These products will for last years to come and offer a 10 Year Frame, 5 Year Bearings, 2 Year Moving Parts Warranty. Kidsfit offers childcare products for schools, nurserys, churches and daycares.

The computer and magnetic tension system is simple to use and provide feedback for calories time speed distance. The computer accurately displays the heart rate of the user through contact heart rate located on the machines handles.

656 Benefits and Highlights

  • Exercise increases the blood flow to all body tissues, including the brain. Greater blood flow transports more oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells.
  • Active children improve their body’s ability to absorb oxygen through aerobic exercise. Due to the increased oxygen in their body’s cells they feel more energized. More oxygen translates into more energy!
  • Increased blood flow promotes the body’s transportation of the byproducts of metabolism and toxins back from the cells for elimination, recycling, or further use elsewhere. Children who exercise feel fitter and more energized because of their body’s ability to detoxify.
  • Active children breathe better and sweat more. Breathing and sweating are great ways to detoxify the body and help it keep itself “clean.”
  • Children increase their over-all fitness through exercise

656 Dimensions and Specifications

  • For Children 11-15 Years Old
  • Dimensions: 24"W x 42"D x 54"H
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs
  • Warranty: 10 Year Frame, 5 Year Bearings, 2 Year Moving Parts


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